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The deadline for tax returns is here, nobody wants to lose money for late filing. Thousands of Canadians are filling out their own Canada Tax forms with the step by step help of Taxtron. Taxtron is the simplest way to self file, eliminating the feeling of being lost and restoring confidence. With the option to netfile paired with the simplest software to date, getting your return quickly has never been easier. Visit Taxtron.ca to obtain the most thorough and user friendly self tax preparation software to date, and take control of your taxes.


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Well the tax time deadline is here, stop putting off your taxes. If its just that you don’t know where to go, or who to trust to get the most out of your return. Then now is the time to come in and receive a free personal tax audit, and let us show you why here is where you need to be. The professionals in our personal tax services Toronto department are constantly educated on the ever changing laws and policies, maximizing your return and eliminating the uncomfortable situation that may arise from a government audit. We also provide classes to teach you everything our own tax professionals know, better prepared, better results.