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The deadline for tax returns is here, nobody wants to lose money for late filing. Thousands of Canadians are filling out their own Canada Tax forms with the step by step help of Taxtron. Taxtron is the simplest way to self file, eliminating the feeling of being lost and restoring confidence. With the option to netfile paired with the simplest software to date, getting your return quickly has never been easier. Visit Taxtron.ca to obtain the most thorough and user friendly self tax preparation software to date, and take control of your taxes.


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DRMG is the one call you need to make to get your business name into circulation, we have the largest advertising network par none. There is no better way to be noticed than to be seen in our homes, at work and many other aspects of our lives, which makes direct mail flyers an optimal way to do just that.

You can work with our design team and come up with an eye catching look to boost the effectiveness of your campaign. After that we will take care of the preperations including direct mail flyer printing and flyer distribution, leaving you time to prepare for your business to soar to new heights. Stick with DRMG and you will prosper more than you ever thought possible, why wait to succeed?